About Us

Welcome to the Williams Syndrome Assocation of (SA) Incorporated.

We aim to be the first point of contact for individuals with Williams Syndrome, their families and professionals needing support and information regarding the Syndrome. We actively support research into the educational, behavioural, social, scientific and medical aspects of the Syndrome. We will seek to organise our financial and personnel resources so as to achieve our mission on a sustainable basis.

What we are doing


We aim to fundraise through various means by taking part in community events, donations and by applying for Government grants.

Raising Awareness

We aim to raise awareness of what Williams Syndrome is by holding community events, getting the message out in the community through merchandise, social media, our website and information sheets and sessions.

Supporting members & families

We support our members through providing information, holding an annual Respite weekend, liaising with medical, education and disability professionals to ensure they are aware of Williams Syndrome and to break down perceived barriers